Mar 052015
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Making the Numbers Work


Students invited to next round from Back to Front:
Mr Wilson, Rakan Nazir, Armatya Sarkar, Jad Nasser, Llewellyn Forward, Syed Akbari, Shehab Alshehabi, Shawn Amirthan and
Mohammad Fazli

On 5 February, students from Years 9, 10 and 11 participated in the UK Maths Challenge which is organised by the University of Leeds. St Christopher’s students achieved 9 Gold, 16 Silver and 24 Bronze Certificates.  Shehab AlShehabi obtained “Best in Year 11” and “Best in School”. Amartya Sarkar achieved “Best in Year 10”.  Syed Akbari achieved “Best in Year 9”. This year saw the largest number of students invited to participate in the prestigious follow up round on 19 March. These students are: Shehab AlShehabi, Amartya Sarkar, Syed Akbari, Llewellyn Forward, Jad Nasser, Rakan Nazir, Mohammad Fazli, Shawn Amirthan, Feras Fayez and William Caley.

Full results are below:

11 Shehab Al Shehabi Gold
11 Shawn Amirthan Gold
11 William Caley Gold
11 Feras Fayez Gold
11 Zahra Essa Silver
11 Aishwarya Krishnan Silver
11 Sam Mannings Silver
11 Hussain Mattar Silver
11 Ahmed  Abdulhameed Bronze
11 Hesham Albaharna Bronze
11 Nayel Alborshaid Bronze
11 Ayman Anwar Bronze
11 Simran Bhatt Bronze
11 Sofie Blankholm Bronze
11 Mariam Hussein Bronze
11 Abdulla Janahi Bronze
11 Arjun Rangarajan Bronze
11 Anish Vishwakoti Bronze
10 Mohammad Fazli Gold
10 Amartya Sarkar Gold
10 Bayan Al Turabi Silver
10 Ghada Alshehabi Silver
10 Arnau Elias Silver
10 Eduard Ene Silver
10 Yaseen Le Falher Silver
10 Syed Hadi Ahmed Bronze
10 Eimaan Anwar Bronze
10 Matthew Holman Bronze
10 Rohan Sharma Bronze
10 Raiya Thomure Bronze
10 Thea Toutoungy Bronze
10 Nazar Yousef Bronze
9 Syed Akbari Gold
9 Llewellyn Forward Gold
9 Rakan Nazir Gold
9 Mounir Hinedi Silver
9 Don Jayamaha Silver
9 Omar Khattab Silver
9 Ethan Murray Silver
9 Jad Nasser Silver
9 Hamza Muhammad Nouman Silver
9 Muhammad Subhan Silver
9 Iman Hasan Bronze
9 Jihyeok Jung Bronze
9 Zhaoan Li Bronze
9 Haytham McDowall Rose Bronze
9 Daniel Oakley Bronze
9 Adam Shamma Bronze
9 Mustafa Zafar Bronze