Feb 242016
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The Intermediate UK Maths Challenge for Years 9, 10, 11 was held on 4 February.

St Christopher’s achieved 7 Gold, 17 Silver and 15 Bronze Certificates.


Don Jayamaha from Year 10 achieved “Best in School” and “Best in Year”

Mohammad Fazli from Year 11 achieved “Best in Year”

Shailen Gopaul and Sausthava Malakar from Year 9 both achieved “Best in Year”

Shailen, Sausthava, Don, Mohamad and Sami Al Alawi were also invited to participate in the next round on 17 March.

The Maths Challenge for Years 7 and 8 will be held on 28 April.

The Awards are as follows: 

Year Form
Name Award
11 E Sami Al Alawi Gold
11 G Mohammad Fazli Gold
10 A Llewellyn Forward Gold
9 B Shailen  Gopaul Gold
10 G Don Jayamaha Gold
11 A Yaseen Le Falher Gold
9 B Sausthava  Malakar Gold
10 H Ali Alekri Silver
11 A Ghada Alshehabi Silver
9 G Laura  Beck Silver
11 B Hasan Dailami Silver
11 C Ricardo Del Rio Silver
10 A Tom Griffith Silver
10 E Kia Hanahoe Silver
10 H Iman Hasan Silver
10 E Jihyeok Jung Silver
10 H Haytham McDowall Rose Silver
9 A Nikola Milivojevic Silver
10 F Kyle Nair Silver
9 C Sarah  Roos Silver
11 E Amartya Sarkar Silver
11 A Rohan Sharma Silver
9 E Rayyan  Syed Ali Silver
9 G Donovan Worrall Silver
11 D Eimaan Anwar Bronze
10 D Ingrid Bahnemann Bronze
11 A George Basnett Bronze
10 B Latasha Bijmholt Bronze
9 B Ahsab  Chowdhury Bronze
9 H Elen  Griffith Bronze
9 C Jared  Harris Bronze
9 G Rahul Jaideep Bronze
11 C Shane McCarthy Bronze
10 F Hamza Muhammad Nouman Bronze
9 A Athena  Puri Bronze
11 C Gayatri  Rana Bronze
10 F Talal Shaheen Bronze
11 G Raiya Thomure Bronze
11 C Nazar Yousef Bronze