Nov 282012
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Taking  a Second Goes a Long Way!

Year 5 children recently organised a second hand book sale in order to raise funds for the Pakkred Orphanage in Thailand as part of their work to support the global community. We were inundated with books and the children enthusiastically unpacked boxes, rolled their sleeves up and prepared to sell as many as they could. After a frantic hour of activity, the children had succeeded in raising over 200BD – a formidable effort! Charlotte from 5F, one of the many children who turned up early to help set up the stall, said that she was “thrilled to be helping out”. Rob Stephenson, RE Subject Leader was on-hand throughout the morning to ensure that everything went smoothly and said that he was “very impressed by the enthusiasm of all the Year 5 children.” There are still some great books left over  which the Year 5 children hope  to sell in the near future.