Apr 172013
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Circle Time is Our-Time!

Since the Pupil Voice Good Practice staff meeting last month many teachers across the School have been encouraging their children to lead their own circle time. This has involved children bringing issues to the circle that they want to discuss, teaching new games and relaxation ideas to their peers and most importantly having the chance to improve their leadership skills.

It all started back in November when Aliah AlShahary (5C) decided to lead the circle one Tuesday morning. She explains: “It worked so well that we have nearly all got to have a go now; the idea is even spreading across the school”

Using Pupil Voice, staff have found that the children feel more empowered as they are improving, and in some cases, discovering their skills of autonomy. Another group of Year 5 children said “We feel this is our chance to get our voice heard. Usually circle-time only takes into account the adult’s perspective; this way it’s our perspective too”

Have you had the chance to lead a circle-time in your class? If not, maybe it’s time to start badgering your teacher!

In Year 2, the children had the very exciting experience of having  House Circle-Times in order to choose teams for the House volleyball competitions. The children started the sessions by doing simple breathing and movement exercises to help them relax. With their eyes closed, they were then asked to think about the qualities of a ‘great sports person’. Each child then had the opportunity to share their ideas using a clear voice whilst holding the toy.

Riley said , “ A great sports person has to be a good listener.”

Talia said, “A great sports person has to be good at sharing

Mathew said,” A great sports person has to be patient

Abdulaziz said,“A great sports person thinks about others and their feelings.’

The second part of the session involved the children nominating 1 boy and 1 girl from their House for their House volleyball team. Teachers carefully counted the votes and the volleyball teams were selected.

A victory for pupil voice and the co-operative team selection process.