Nov 182015
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Celebrating Growth Mindsets

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Our first proud assembly this term began on a great note when we were entertained by the Junior Choir with their fish song led by Miss Williamson and accompanied by Mrs Kazi.

We then listened to an impressive French dialogue from Adam (6F) and Abdulla (6D) who with excellent French accents outlined their love for French and how they rose to the challenge of the DELF exams in Year Five and are proud of their results they asked everyone to repeat the message “Je veux donc je peux!” (I want therefore I can!).

This was followed by a French PowerPoint put together by Mme Chebel with the help of our Year 5 digital wizards which emphasized positive messages and reminded the children just how much they can already do in French!

From Year 3 Lujain and Yusuf (3F) told us how proud they have been of their ‘learning to swim’ journey! Jawaher (3C) played very expressively for us on the violin.

Feel Proud Assembly Nov2015 001

Olivia (4A) showed us some stunning photographs and described a triathlon she undertook whilst on holiday in France. Charlotte (4B) outlined her ambition one day to be a professional dancer and performed a very expressive dance that she had choreographed herself.

Harry (5D) brought and wore a Lego arm, he had constructed that can fire its own missiles. It was interesting that he likes to use the pieces provided but puts them together creatively usually not following any of the instructions on the box! Justin (5E) showed us the coloured bands he has been awarded at Tribal Fitness and described how much he enjoys these tough training sessions.

There was silence in the hall when Alex from 6B showed us how he can solve a Rubik cube – he was amazingly fast! Alex Jones (6B) then performed some awesome gymnastics and showed us a digital presentation of some of her incredible moves. Mafalda (6A) brought our assembly to a musical close when she played her clarinet with great expression and clarity.

Well done to all of you, treasure those certificates as they record your love of challenges and your determination to learn.