Dec 152015
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Running for the Joy of it!

The Marathon Relay is always eventful and this year was no exception.

“Exerting yourself to the fullest within your individual limits: that’s the essence of running, and a metaphor for life” writes Haruki Marakami and that was certainly the spirit which swept over both of the Saar staff teams in this year’s Marathon Relay in November.  However, some Saar staff team members had misinterpreted the bit about exerting themselves to the fullest to be a reference to the staffroom biscuit tin rather than vigorous gym sessions. Nevertheless the two Saar teams displayed a commitment to progress, effort and perseverance that captured the true Olympian ideal. The two teams, captained by Nurse ‘Radcliffe’ Sandy and Mr ‘Mo’ van der Eyken engaged in friendly rivalry throughout their training camps with both confident of being victorious. On the day, a Herculean final leg by Dan Brown was just not quite enough to catch up with Mrs ‘Cheetah’ Chadwick and Nurse Sandy’s team took the laurels and bragging rights on the day.

Marathon Relay2

St Chris Senior School had four teams competing – two student teams (A and B) and two staff teams (‘elite’ and B). With approximately 16 runners in each team, the number one aim is always for everyone to be at the right stage at the right time and for all to finish (and possibly enjoy) their section of the race. Again this year it all went to plan.

The St Chris student B team was fantastic. Out of the sixteen runners taking part, ten were from Years 7 and 8, and the remaining six from Years 9, 10 and 11. For most in the team, this was their debut. Their finishing time was 4:34:25 – just 13 minutes behind the staff B team. It was a great team effort and I am sure many will be the stars of future relay events.

Marathon Relay

The target for the student ‘A’ team was to race the ‘elite’ staff team and to cross the finish line ahead. The students were quietly confident – a very strong start and finish (Charlie Sissons, Kizzy Price and Jamie Price were running two legs each) together with a strong middle. The team consisted of students from all year groups, 7 to 13. They led for the first half of the race but were overtaken by the staff team during one of the middle stages. It was then left to Kizzy Price on the penultimate stage to ease past head teacher, Mr Nick Wilson, and to open up an unassailable lead. They finished in a time of 3:14:34, 15th overall and third in the Schools Section; the fastest team since our school records began. The staff team finished 3 minutes later.

Congratulations to all staff and students who took part and we look forward to the challenges of next year’s event.