Dec 112019
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Written by Mr Dales

A false start provided by the uncertain weather on the original date was quickly forgotten the following day for the Year 3 and Year 4 Sports Day. Year 4 got us underway in the morning. Each team had the feeling that they would be the winners, and the children certainly slam-dunked some funky points for their teams as they went around each station. All the work put into the techniques for athletics during PE lessons paid off spectacularly as thousands of points were scored for every house.

Year 4:

1st – Kestrel

2nd – Falcon

3rd – Merlin

4th – Osprey

Year 4 then passed the baton on for Year 3 to continue to display Junior School athletics prowess, as witnessed by the day’s second consecutive large crowd of proud parents. The children made light work of the challenges facing them – running, jumping, throwing –  cheering each of their teammates as they made their way through the circuit of events. The day’s points totalled into the tens of thousands as a thrilling afternoon came to a conclusion.

Year 3:

1st – Merlin

2nd – Kestrel

3rd – Falcon

4th – Osprey 

Well done to every competitor for their outstanding effort and excellent displays of teamwork and sportsmanship. Thanks go to each team’s Year 6 House Helpers who marshaled their charges superbly from station to station, and all the staff who made a huge contribution in the smooth running of the day.