News@St-Chris Vol 7.11/APR2019

Apr 172019
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Written by Mr Dales

The final Primary Sports League event of the season for the boys was the Basketball Tournament held this year at our Senior School. As is tradition, two teams were selected – the Wizards and the Raptors – and were separated in the draw for the pools. Both teams got off to winning starts but while the Wizards dropped some points in a surprising loss, Raptors maintained the victories and finished top of their group with four wins and a draw. Wizards’ other wins got them second place so it was a guaranteed St. Chris team in the final. That turned out to be the Wizards despite some stubborn resilience from the Raptors. The Raptors went on to take the lead in their bronze medal play-off but conceded a couple of unfortunate baskets and had to settle for fourth. The Wizards were able to push on and win the final comfortably, meaning that St. Chris are now basketball champions both home and away this year. Well done to all the boys involved who gave 100% on the court and thanks to Mr. Armstrong and Mr. Dales for their commitment to coaching.

Wizards: Fawaz Al Aradi, William Hamad, Zeid Hamdan, Fuad Kanoo, Wenbo Lu, Faris Saleh, Krzys Thompson.

Raptors: Ali Al Khaja, Yazan Al-Mahoozi, Abdulla AlRamadan, Noah Dales, Will Fisher, Amir Kawa, Will Murphy, Jacob Royle.