Feb 072019
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The Primary Sports League Athletics event held at St Christopher’s in Saar welcomed seven other schools this year in the biggest local competition for this activity to date. Spectators and officials alike remarked on the supportive positive atmosphere that permeated the whole afternoon. Every school involved was able to come away with some measure of success and the St. Chris team was no exception, medalling in every event they entered. A special mention must go to Faris Saleh who set new records in both the boys 75m and the shot put, and Sariya AlHamar who established a record in the girls 150m. All the athletes of St. Chris contributed to the overall success of the team and their well-earned gold medals. Massive thanks as always to all the twenty-plus members of staff who volunteered their time to help the event run so smoothly.



Faris Saleh 11.67secs.

Charles Ferguson 13.56secs.


Faris Saleh 25.16secs.

Robin Verdeyen 28.13secs.


Louis Cornee 58.32secs.

Charles Ferguson 58.06secs.


Matteo Ghorayeb 1min25

Sami Ghozlani 1min24

4 x 75m Relay

Faris Saleh

Robin Verdeyen

Charles Ferguson

Louis Cornee


Running Long Jump

Robin Verdeyen 3.10m

Charles Ferguson 3.82m

High Jump

Louis Cornee 1.20m

Sami Ghozlani 1.10m

Standing Triple Jump

Sami Ghozlani 5.55m

Will Fisher 4.80m

Ball Throw

Faris Saleh 31.15m

Will Fisher 29.11m

Javelin Throw

Noah Dales 16.00m

Bobby Looby 13.00m

Shot Put

Faris Saleh 7.95m

Shahmeer Hakeem 5.28m



Lotta Tautenhahn 12.59secs.

Hanna Hevesy 13.34secs.


Sariya Al Hamar 28.34secs.

Amara Nagy 28.47secs.


Sariya Al Hamar 1min09

Sophie Buckman 1min04


Amara Nagy 1min17

Jenna Malhas 1min22

4 x 75m Relay

Lotta Tautenhahn

Amara Nagy

Sariya Al Hamar

Hanna Hevesy


Running Long Jump

Sariya Al Hamar 3.11m

Noorie Akhtar 3.22m

High Jump

Amara Nagy 1.10m

Sophie Buckman 1.10m

Standing Triple Jump

Lotta Tautenhahn 5.30m

Sophie Buckman 4.95m

Ball Throw

Sariya Al Hamar 17.00m

Hanna Hevesy 20.42m

Javelin Throw

Hanna Hevesy 9.80m

Pietta Watley 11.70m

Shot Put

Lotta Tautenhahn 6.19m

Noorie Akhtar 7.50m

Author: Stephen Dales, PE Teacher