Feb 122019
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Our local community have been raising funds to support the School in a Bag – Bahrain project. Year 1 teacher Mr Churchill came across this initiative while visiting family in the UK, and we are very proud to see it being supported by people across Bahrain now as well! Each ‘SchoolBag’ is filled with stationery and learning resources that will enable a child to write, draw, colour, calculate, express themselves and above all, learn! The bags are individually numbered, allowing donors to follow the journey the bag takes and to see the child who receives it. Some of our Year 1 children helped to put together 70 backpacks, which were gifted to children of migrant workers at the Pakistan School. Bahrain is now the 40th country where bags have been distributed to needy children. These children are from migrant worker families where the income is so low that schooling is a luxury.

To hear children excitedly say ‘Wow! I got a lunch box!’ and ‘Look! Coloured pencils!’ and just ‘PENS!’ will never be forgotten. The things our own children totally take for granted.

Author: Lee Churchill, Year 1 Teacher