SPARTA Special

Jan 302013
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The official launch of SPARTA was celebrated with an Open Day on January 12. Hundreds of children and their parents came through the entrance to the new building and got their first glimpse of the covered pool from the viewing gallery. More than one parent asked if the pool was new or had been extended, but they were all assured that it was the same pool, just with a new roof! The launch was a great success, with both children and adults trying out the activities on offer and chatting with the coaches. Many stayed for the whole morning and left happy and exhausted; ‘This is my kids idea of heaven, it’s like a 3 hour PE lesson!’ said one satisfied Dad.

The SPARTA Office is situated in St Christopher’s new pool extension building at Saar. SPARTA Director, Gareth Holloway, describes the new facilities as ‘Fantastic! Its like we’ve built a leisure centre attached to the school.’ The office is open during the school day and Gareth looks forward to welcoming inquiries from the St Chris community and beyond. ‘We have three new rooms to develop’ says Gareth, ‘Each one is a great size which means that the sky’s the limit with what activities we can put on.’ In the new block next to the tennis court, there are changing rooms with showers and locker facilities on the ground floor and the ‘big red room’ upstairs. The rooms will also be timetabled for curriculum use which will be great news for children involved in physical activities during the warmer months as they will now have an air-conditioned space to work in.

SPARTA is being sponsored exclusively by Euro Motors and we are proud to be aligned with their brands Land Rover and BMW. Paul Yates, General Manager said  “SPARTA’s contribution to the community is in line with one of Euro Motors’ major core values, supporting the community by way of enhancing knowledge and developing new skill sets, thus when the opportunity arose to support SPARTA, it was an obvious choice for Euro Motors”.