Dec 112019
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Written by Ms Lambert

The PSL girls football tournament got off to a great start on Monday 2nd December. St Chris entered three teams named United, Rovers and Athletic. All 3 teams showed they were a force to be reckoned with on the pitch! St Chris Athletic and St Chris Rovers played fabulously, scoring and drawing their way through their pool. St Chris United sailed through to finish top of their pool. This meant that St Chris Rovers were up against St Chris United in the semi-finals. After a tough battle, St Chris United went through to the finals and St Chris Rovers went on to the 3rd and 4th place play-offs. After two very well played matches, St Chris Rovers won their match to become 3rd place medal winners, while St Chris United won their final to be this year’s PSL champions! Miss Lambert and Mr Gosling are very proud of you all!

St Chris United:

Ilona Stewart

Jood Bushehri

Jena Bushehri

Pietta Watley

Lotta Tautenhahn

Mayan alsetrawi

Kiana Haseid

Emily MacKellar

Ellie Stewart

St Chris Rovers:

Sarah Robinson

Emma Finlay

Selma Al Dajani

Eman Elmasri

Aysel Hassan

Mariam Almahroos

Yara Al-Awami

Emma Gibson

Anaya Fawad

Jena AlMudaifa

St Chris Athletic:

Hannah Janahi

Isabella Holloway

Yara Isa

Eva Bonham

Lucie Buckman

Alya Bazzouz

Latifa AlZamil

Aya Al Harthy

Amber Al Harthy

Chloe Pankhurst