Dec 112019
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Written by Mr Zaharuev

This competition is one of the top 3 swimming events in the GCC – performance, capacity and results.

St Chris Sharks were represented by 6 children – 5 girls and 1 boy all senior school pupils. 

The competition runs at a format : 200 m and 400 m races – heat declared winners and all 50s and 100s races had prelims in the morning session and the top 8 swimmers in each age category qualify for the finals in the afternoon session.

Everyone qualified and swam a final.

St Chris Sharks swimmers :

6 children

34 races + 20 finals

3 gold , 3 silver , 2 bronze medals

Out of 54 races the children swam 52 personal best times.

What an outstanding achievement.

Well done to Lara Klein , Sarah Stewart, Elle Harris , Mia Sum, Jennifer Sirley and Faris Saleh . St Chris Sharks are proud of you !