Feb 262013
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A Sprinkle of Support

On February 12, parents of our Reception children classes held a bake sale in conjunction with the “Help Zac Walk” charity for all St Chris Infant and Junior pupils.

The bake sale was inspired to raise money to send a local boy, Zac,to the US for a potentially life-changing operation. Reception children and parents had evidently spent the previous evening, knee deep in flour, eggs, butter and icing because many hundreds of beautifully crafted buns, cakes and fancies were sold to a hungry horde of students.

The total raised by the cake sale was a whopping BD338.

Thank you to all the Mums who provided the beautiful cakes and worked on the stalls.

For further information, please visit http://www.gofundme.com/1j9sow

or e-mail helpzacwalkcommittee@gmail.com