Nov 072013
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Trekking Cyprus

This year’s trip was earlier than in previous years and hence students were exposed to the hotter Cypriot weather. However, the desert training day had prepared them well for this eventuality and 42 students completed the trek successfully. Students were faced with an arduous task. There were rough tracks and steep rocky hills to climb, not to mention what Mother Nature threw at them! As expected there were a few blisters but everybody made it safely back and contrary to what people might think, they returned with big smiles of satisfaction on their faces. On a personal note, it was a great pleasure to lead my first St Christopher’s International Award Expedition. They did exceptionally well and proved that they are capable of great things and they should be extremely proud of themselves! A big thank you goes to all staff who were also involved with these expeditions and made it possible: Trip 1- Kevin Stewart, Martin Sauze and Zahida Aziz-Khan. Trip 2- Ali Goucem, Mike Jardine, Janet Quigley and Richard Leap. A special thank you also goes to the following staff who have helped along the way building up to the expedition: Kim Chadwick, Rachel Sangala, Jennifer Crocker, Paul Walters, Carie Sauze and of course Jez Thorpe and Mr Brough for assistance during our time in the desert! We look forward to hearing about their expedition at the presentation evening in Isa Town, on Wednesday 20 November at 4.30pm.