Sep 272017
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Trekking in the Alps

Verbier, Switzerland was the host destination for our Gold training and assessment expedition this year. Verbier is the sunniest part of Switzerland, in the heart of the Alps, between the Matterhorn and Mont-Blanc. Its large terrace above the Rhone valley, dotted with many lakes, the exceptionally mild climate, the amazing air purity and a breathtaking view on the imposing southern summits was the backcloth to, without doubt, one of our most exciting expeditions to date. However, it was also our most mentally and physically challenging experience, which was faced by our Year 12 students. Staff and students embarked on this extraordinary opportunity as it gave them the opportunity to trek around the stunning mountainous terrain of Verbier. On arrival, our students undertook navigation and team building exercises to prepare them for the challenges ahead. The four-day assessment expedition required our students to embrace around 40 hours of high altitude trekking, ascending to altitudes of over 2000 metres. They had prepared for the poor weather that had been forecast but were blessed with perfect walking conditions.  As expected, there were a few blisters along the way, but every team managed to navigate with precision, safely to every checkpoint and, contrary to what people might think, they returned with big smiles of satisfaction on their faces. The students did exceptionally well; they proved that they are capable of great things and should be extremely proud of themselves. A big thank you to all staff and students who were involved with the expedition and made it possible for all to have such an enjoyable learning experience.