Jan 232018
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We Love Bahrain

The annual Year 10 Geography trips took place on the 11-12 December 2017 at the Manama Souq. This year, an extremely enthusiastic group of students set out with a goal to assess the Land Use of Manama Souq. This trip takes place to give students the experience they need to complete Paper 4 (which is the alternative to coursework) of their IGCSE Geography. We set out with booklets full of tables and maps that we needed to complete, pens at the ready and, of course, a small sum of money to get the Manama Souq essentials! (Bahrain tops were the most popular!) Once we arrived at the Souq, the group photo was taken, we all had a short safety briefing and we were off in our groups of 3-5. Wandering through the streets of Manama Souq was a real cultural experience for some of our new students who have not experienced the geographical and social side as most of us did last year; even the students who have been in Bahrain for years still enjoy the Souq no matter how many trips they have taken. The most interesting part of the trip is comparing the undeveloped and developed parts of the Souq, as we get to walk through and experience both. Once the trip was over, we had collected sufficient information to produce a small document with graphs and analysis of our data collection techniques. Consequently, we are all more prepared for potential questions that could come up on our IGCSE examination at the end of 2019. ~Madelyn Harrison-Mirfield 10G