Mar 132013
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Putting Down Roots

Adult L-R: Zahra Nasser, Wendy Bataineh, Violetta Abboud, Harry Goodson Wickes, Francine Williamson, Kristian Syson and Ian Fellows.
Children L-R: “Diggers” Justin and Jamie Oversier, Hamad Al Khalifa, Karma Alami and Crea Butlin

St Christopher’s Junior School playground was enhanced this week by the planting of an additional date palm tree, kindly donated by Cluttons.

The donation was made in celebration of Cluttons’ 35 years in Bahrain and in support of the St Chris initiative to develop a school garden in September, 2013.

There was great excitement when the three metre tree was hoisted into the air and planted  in the playground by Gate C. The Landscapers were ably assisted by students volunteers, Justin and Jamie Oversier, Hamad Al Khalifa, Crea Butlin and Karma Alami who demonstrated their expert shovel technique.

CEO, Harry Goodson Wickes said “Cluttons are delighted to have been involved in this environmental initiative and the planting was a most enjoyable experience”.

The Process of Palm Tree Planting