Mar 132013
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 Waiting To See The Big Picture

The American Women’s Association of Bahrain asked for volunteers to help create a “Bahrain Quilt” created from individual squares of fabric 25”x 25”. Three talented students designed their squares in just two weeks and presented them to Mrs Lisa Wahba from the AWA. It is hoped that the final quilt will be on permanent display in Bahrain. We will keep you posted.

The three students commented: “The title “Bahrain” is at the top of the patch and my name is  on either side. There is also a silver border to make my patch really stand out. I’m really looking forward to see our art displayed. I really enjoyed making it” – Yasmeena Fontaine (Yazi) 8F

“It was a difficult task that took quite some time, but it was an entertaining and interesting experience and I would love to do something like this again. Thank you to the AWA for the opportunity. I look forward to seeing the entire quilt put together and I am sure that it will show what Bahrain means to us” – Riva Kapoor 8F

“When I thought of Bahrain I immediately thought of a palm tree, a sea and a traditional boat. I tried to make it as natural as I could. All I thought of when I planned the design was the scenery in Bahrain” – Aishwarya Krishnan 9C