Oct 022014
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All Grown Up Now

There were more smiles than tears as 126 newbies started their first day at ‘big school’. Armed with their schoolbags and lunch boxes, and spruced up in their new uniforms, the tiny army of blue uniforms were flanked by a sea of emotional but proud parents.

One proud Mum, Suzie Shakib said the day was much harder for her than three-year-old daughter Amaya Al Qaisi. “We’re all excited” she said  “Amaya’s our third child joining St Chris but I’m always a little bit emotional even though I know she’ll love it. Amaya’s very independent and outgoing and she’s happy to be going off herself”.

1st Day of Big School

Mrs Lonsdale, Head of the Nursery, said the first day can be a joyous and often poignant day for parents, but the first step to independence for the children. “I’ve been doing this for nearly 30 years, children love the security of Nursery, the friendly, professional staff and the rules and the routines that keep them safe while they learn” she said. “The day always runs smoothly and is so busy, time flies by. We may have some tears, we will certainly have laughter and great excitement, and all of the children receive the care and attention they need”.

Little Lucy More, her first day at any Nursery provision, came straight in and enjoyed painting and exploring the classroom. She told her teacher about her family and lots of stories about her sisters Erin and Isla. When mum came to pick her up, she was so impressed with how well Lucy had settled in and was very happy indeed!

Thank you to all our wonderful Nursery parents, those new to St Chris and those that have been with us in Nursery before. You have really helped our children to have a confident and settled start. We are all very much looking forward to a fabulous year!