Oct 022014
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Swimming to Sharkdom

During the first couple of weeks of school, the swimming department held swim trials for new squad members. The age range was from Years 3-6 to Senior Students.

Junior Swim Squad

Junior Swim Squad

The students were asked to complete a stamina swim, followed by timed 50m races in all four strokes, these being; freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Students were assessed on the speed, technique, stamina and diving.

Snr Swim Squad

Congratulations to the successful candidates who are now members of our school Swim Squad ‘The Sharks’.

Baby sharks Sana Le Falher,Francesca Campbell, Adriana Lluch and Sofia Chiaverini
Dolphins Benson Stein, Chris Al Kareh, Luka Moffitt, Ruby Kennelly Mills and William Stein
Junior B John Kenny, Louis O Driscoll, Aliyah Glas and Elikem Amegah
Junior B+ Angeline Hartshorne
Junior A Hugo Campbell and Brandon Marshall
Senior B Alex Vecchi, Beatrice Tinsley, Dedy Hordijk, Maia Mc Donough, Sava Janzovie and Oliver Lorenti
Senior B+ Maddie Harrison Mirfield, Victoria Harper, Jenna Nasser, Philip McKenna, Digby Rushton, Anas Ramadan, Danielle Doherty, Amy Brereton Stuart, Lucy Hendy and Jessica Pickering
Senior A Tara McCarthy, Kizzy Price, Kayleigh Hugo and Chloe Grant

Don’t worry if you missed these trials, as during our curriculum swim lessons our swim coaches will be highlighting those students who they believe are working at squad level and referring them to squad training. You still might be in with a chance to become a Shark!