Sep 302015
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Outstanding Again

IMG_2026 (2)40 students from the Junior School and 20 students from the Senior School sat the DELF exams in June 2015 at the Alliance Française de Bahreïn.

Junior School Pupils prepared for these examinations during special training in school and also during their French lessons. The exams went very well and the results were again outstanding. The number of students who sit the Delf exams increase each year and this year was particular as three Year 3 and three Year 4 students sat the exams. The highest score in DELF Prim A1. This was attributed to Hibah Muzamil who achieved 98%.

Senior School students sat the DELF A1, A2, and B1 examinations with some students now moving closer to the B2 level, a Certificate which allows access to universities in France. We are delighted to announce that the results are once again outstanding with many students passing with flying colours.

The Senior School’s highest grades for each category are as follows:

The highest grade for A1 was attributed to Angala Raja Segaran who achieved 91%
The highest grade for A2 was obtained by Gisele Dias Nascimento who achieved 83.5%
The highest grade for B1 was achieved by Emeline Crepin who achieved 95.5% grade

Below is the list of all the students who passed their respective examinations:

Abdulla Al Khalifa Delf Prim A1.1 and Delf Junior A1
Max Chadwick Delf Prim A1.1
Layal Humaidan Delf Prim A1.1
Eileen Boels Delf Prim A1.1
Yaseen Qureshi Delf Prim A1.1
Sulaf Al Jabal Delf Prim A1.1
Rashida Saherwala Delf Prim A1.1
Kathleen Holland Delf Prim A1.1
Rakan De Cruz Delf Prim A1.1
Ruchira Narayanan Delf Prim A1.1
Yousif Al Najjar Delf Prim A1.1
Qays Mitchell Delf Prim A1.1
Ayse Atak Delf Prim A1.1
Zainah Malik Delf Prim A1.1
Akshat Gupta Delf Prim A1.1
Hibah Muzammil Delf Prim A1.1
Sapphyre Kennelly Delf Prim A1.1
Leyan Ghaith Delf Prim A1.1
Arabella Rushton Delf Prim A1.1
Fatima Faisal Delf Prim A1.1
Maisie Brandreth Delf Prim A1.1
Aseel Al Jabal Delf Prim A1.1
Gracinda Nahle Delf Prim A1.1
Nassema Malik Delf Prim A1.1
Fatima Abbady Delf Prim A1.1
Jubran Al Asfoor Delf Prim A1.1
Zoya Rizvi Delf Prim A1.1
Imaan Makhdum Delf Prim A1.1
Murtaza Akbari Delf Prim A1.1
Al Nooh Ridha Delf Prim A1.1
Adam Kadia Delf Prim A1.1
Bassam Khan Delf Prim A1.1
Mehra Ridhiman Delf Prim A1.1
Adam Saed Delf Prim A1.1
Shannon Wong Delf Prim A1.1
Alice Bennett Delf Prim A1
Jad Hinedi Delf Prim A1
Caline Hajjar Delf Prim A2
Nikita Azua Delf Junior A1
Mukulita Chakravaty Delf Junior A1
Haider Jafree Delf Junior A1
Lehar Kastwar Delf Junior A1
Aman Lalwani Delf Junior A1
Luca Portelli Delf Junior A1
Angala Raja Segaran Delf Junior A1
Raif Syed Ali Delf Junior A1
Lydia Wapshaka Delf Junior A1
Liela Al Sugair Delf Junior A2
Iman Asif Delf Junior A2
Malak Husain Delf Junior A2
Yaseen Hussain Delf Junior A2
Sausthava Malakar Delf Junior A2
Giselle Nascimento Delf Junior A2
Usman Zafar Delf Junior A2
Emeline Crepin Delf Junior B1
Noor Hamad Delf Junior B1
Nada Hamad Delf Junior B1
Anas Ramadan Delf Junior B1

DELF 2015
Many congratulations to all students who sat these examinations and we are looking forward to the 2015 awards ceremony which will be organised to celebrate the DELF students’ achievements.