Sep 282016
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Welcome to Arabic in the Senior School

ArabicEveningWith an invitation from Mr Wilson, Head of the Senior School and Head of Arabic, Mr Fuad Anzaroui, large numbers of parents attended the Arabic Curriculum Evening on Monday 5 September 2016 in the School Hall. Mr Fuad and the Arabic team in the Senior School, Mrs May Radwan, Mrs Amal Al Omari and Mrs Rehab Mahfoudh. Mr Fuad explained the differences between the Senior School and the Junior School in detail. He also explained the way the Arabic department works in the Senior School in terms of homework, methodologies, and certificates offered by the department. Mr Fuad praised the Year 7 students of this year where they settled very quickly in the Senior School and showed a lot of self-discipline and keenness to learn. Mr Fuad reiterated the fact that the educational process depends on three important factors, the School, home and the student. In order to succeed, home and school should always communicate actively to find solutions and support the educational process. Some of the parents asked questions at the end where the Head of Department and teachers answered the queries of parents. At the end of the evening, parents thanked the school administration represented by Mr Goodwin and Mr Wilson and the Head of Arabic for their efforts. They also thanked the teachers for their dedicated efforts. Mr Fuad wish all a happy and successful new academic year.