Sep 282016
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Year 10 Curriculum Information Evening

An audience of nearly 200 parents and students attended the Year 10 Curriculum Information Evening on Wednesday  21 September in the School Hall, Isa Town. The evening, presented by Assistant Head of Senior School, Bryon Pearce, and Head of Year 10, Sarah Gillard, focused on some of the significant curriculum changes affecting the current Year 10. Pastoral care and support, information regarding the wealth of leadership opportunities available to our students as well as details of some important educational initiatives that the school are currently pursuing were presented.  Bryon Pearce also outlined the many positive comments regarding the student body from the School’s latest BSME/BSO inspection report and celebrated the recent examination successes at GCSE, A-Level and IB.

Year 11 History Controlled Assessment Information Evening

The History Controlled Assessment Information Evening took place on Tuesday 20 September 2016 at 6.00pm in the School Hall. Students and parents were invited to hear their History Teachers discuss the requirements and protocol of the Controlled Assessment activities, which comprise 25% of the final grade for the Edexcel GCSE History. The parameters for the three individual questions were shared, as well as tips for ensuring that the planning process is as effective as possible. One of the main differences between the questions that students will encounter in the Controlled Assessment and in the final Examinations is that students will know the questions for the Controlled Assessments in advance, as well as being able to complete a plan, which they can use in the write-up stage. The questions themselves will be revealed to students two weeks in advance of the write-up stage. Furthermore, a number of factors concerning the assessment of each of the Controlled Assessment questions were shared, as well as tips for completing a successful response to each of the questions. The evening concluded with the opportunity for students and parents to discuss queries with members of the History Department. The presentation used on the evening can be downloaded from Parent Portal. The Historians would very much like to thank everyone who attended what was a very successful and informative evening.

Year 12 Curriculum Information Evening

On Wednesday 7 September, a Year 12 Curriculum Information Evening was attended by over 175 students and parents. Following a welcome and presentation by Rola Al Hammoud, Head of Year 12, Steve Keeble, Deputy Head of Senior School, and Adrian Walker, Assistant Head of Senior School, made presentations relating to life in the Sixth Form including reference to the importance of Year 12 in terms of university applications in June 2018, how the School uses data to monitor student progress, the benefits of the Extended Essay Qualification (EPQ) and the importance of adopting mature and responsible approaches to study to ensure academic success. Also in attendance to answer parent and student queries were Andrew Beck, Head of Year 13, Emma Thomas, IB Diploma Co-ordinator, and Elliott Watson, Assistant Head of Year. The evening provided an opportunity for students and parents to ask a range of questions about all aspects of Sixth Form life as they embark on this next phase of their education.