Oct 162012
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Continued Examinations Success at St Christopher’s School

St Christopher’s School students who sat National Curriculum tests (SATs), General Certificate of Secondary Education Examinations (GCSEs), Advanced Levels (A-levels) and International Baccalaureate (IB) examinations this summer achieved an excellent set of results!  SATs are taken by 7 and 11 year old students. The GCSE’s are entered at age 16 (Year 11).  A-levels and IB are sat at the age of 18.  At A-level, students generally sit either three or four subjects.  SATs for 11 year old students and all GCSE and A-level examinations are taken in Bahrain but marked by Examination Boards in England.

A-level Results

The pass rate at A-level was 99.7% across all taught A-levels, with 38% being given grade A and A* and 65% being awarded grade A*, A or B (in the UK the figures were 27% A* – A and 53% A*, A or B). 11% of all grades were A* (the UK figure is 8%). These figures stand comparison with good independent schools in the United Kingdom. The students who earned these results have gone on to Universities and Colleges in the UK, USA, Canada and elsewhere around the world.

IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) Results

The grades for the IB Diploma range from grade 1 to grade 7 (with 7 being the highest). Grade 7 is equivalent to the new A* grade in the A-level grading system. Achieving a grade 7 is very difficult with around 7% of all grades being awarded a grade 7 worldwide – our figure for grade 7 was 15% and is double the worldwide average. 50% of all our grades were at grade 6 or 7 compared to 26% worldwide. The Diploma pass rate was 93% (the worldwide average is 78%) with an average IBDP points score of 35 points (the worldwide average is 30 points).

GCSE Results

In these examinations the percentage of grades A* to C was 94.5%. The equivalent figure for all UK schools is around 70%. 59% of all grades were graded A* (the ‘super’ A) or A as compared to a UK figure of about 22.4%.

98.3% of the students in Year 11 obtained five or more A* to C passes – the UK figure for this statistic is around 79%. 95% of the students in Year 11 obtained five or more A* to C passes including English and Mathematics – the UK figure for this is 59%.

60% of students achieved five or more A* – A grades.

The top 40% of students in the year group (46 students in all) obtained A* or A grades in 92% of all of the exams that they entered. St Christopher’s results show, yet again, that the School is able to match and exceed the results of the best English private schools.

KS2 Results

Our KS2 results are excellent, matching the record levels of attainment recorded last year. Particular highlights are the performance of our children in writing, where 100% of pupils achieved Level 4 and above, and our outstanding value added – the best ever recorded.

KS1 Results

Attainment in KS1 is outstanding, with the results for mathematics being the best yet recorded. 100% of our pupils reached or exceeded the expected UK level of 2c in this subject, with 61% achieving a Level 3. In reading, 100% of our pupils attained a 2c or above, with 63% recording a Level 3. Value added is exceptional, bettering last year’s record high.

Commenting on these results Principal, Ed Goodwin, said:

“We are all highly pleased by these results. They result from excellent teaching standards; the fine attitude of our students and the support of parents for their children’s education. Our A-level and IB Students are now ready to thrive at universities around the world and 100+ returning GCSE students, are ready and able to benefit from our A-level programme or the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme. As always, although we are pleased with our results – excellence is a journey and not a destination – and so we will strive to achieve even better outcomes in the future”