Oct 162012
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Everybody in the House Say Heyyy Yoooo

At our recent House Assembly,the new House Leaders dressed head to toe in their House colour and the new House Captains were revealed. Representing Falcon, Alisha Holness and Luke Coast grooved into the hall to the House song ‘Dynamite’. Rebecca Lambert and Giles Dawson had the daunting task of following their performance to Kestrel’s House song, ‘We Will Rock You’. Following them, Kerrie Mulleague and Rob Stephenson synchronised their dance moves to Merlin’s ‘Waka Waka’ House song; and last but by far not least, Vivienne Etches and Emma Hawkins milked Osprey’s ‘Papa Americano’ to the limit as their boogied through the audience dressed in yellow.

Our new House Captains are:

Josh Cornelius
Rayyan Ali
George Axtell
Bader Jalal
Sultan Al Khalifa
Oliver Bloodworth
Sheherazade Al Shahry
Raef Tanner
Emily Buisseret
Nicola Payne
Francesca Giovanetti
Florence Tinsley
Tommy Macphail
Harry Blake
Georgina Lewis
Tayla Davis
Stephanie Hall
Ben Brandreth
Raven Robinson
Danielle Wilkinson
Bradley Altman
Sara Henderson
Aiden Shrelta
Crea Butlin

Congratulations to our new House Captains!

The new Librarian monitors and Music monitors were also unveiled.

Librarians:  Amanda Winton, Giselle Dias Nascimento, Athena Puri, Sarah Roos, Hassaanah Saban, Divya Raina, Aleena Fawad and Jake Elwin.

Music: Jasmine Atkinson and Amalia Rennei.