May 082013
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Fluid Movements

Aquatics for Year 9 Girls this term, took inspiration from the London Olympics Synchronised Swimming  to help choreograph artistic routines in the water.

Lulu Al Sugair and Dana Tartir  9E write “This year in PE we were lucky to be able to experience synchronised swimming. At the start of the topic, we watched the Spanish Olympic Synchronised Swimming Team’s performance at the London 2012 Olympics. We were asked to observe their routine and watch out for their teamwork, water skills, showmanship and their smiles- all the important things for a successful routine. It gave us many ideas and next, it was our turn. Before actually practising our performance, we learnt how to skull, keep our bodies’ afloat, smile, make shapes in the water, work out how to lift someone, smile, work in cannon time, be in time, have a definite beginning and end to our routine, smile…… these things were quite challenging but at the end we managed to create a routine which was performed for our classmates. We really enjoyed the topic as it was different and less serious and we got to work-out and be creative.