May 082013
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Golden Numbers

The very best Gold Award students from the Intermediate Maths Challenge are invited to the next rounds. These rounds are called Kangaroo and Olympiad (Maclaurin).This year, St Christopher’s had 5 students invited to sit the Kangaroo papers. They were Shehab Al Shehabi (Year 9), Mahira Essa ( Year 10), Milan Malik ( Year 11), Isadora Godinho (Year 11)  and Fionnuala McGivern (Year11) . The top award is Merit and this was achieved by Shehab and Milan.  Anirud Gupta (Year 11) was invited to the Olympiad (MacLaurin) round. Awards for this are Participation, Merit and Distinction. Anirud gained a Distinction which placed him in the top 25% of students invited to participate.

Left to right: Anirud, Milan and Shehab with Mr Nick Wilson