Apr 102014
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Beach Clean-Up

After eight months of preparation, our inaugural Staff Service Beach Clean-up got underway on Saturday 29 March 2014. Over seventy staff and students turned out to help collect various items of debris from Asry Beach in Hidd. We collected everything we could find, from broken bottles and plastic lids, to a half buried mattress. The staff who attended enjoyed the beach and the lovely warm weather for a few hours while providing the regular beach cleaner with a few more helping hands and a couple of hours rest. We hope there will be more Beach Clean-ups to follow in the not too distant future; it is an excellent way for St Christopher’s staff and families to have a fun day out and learn about the environmental impact of litter and waste on the beaches around Bahrain. We live and work on an Island, we should re-use, reduce and re-cycle as much as possible. A huge thank you to all of the staff and students who made this morning of St Chris Community Spirit possible. 

Beach Clean Up