Apr 102014
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St Christopher’s Music Festival 2014

This year’s St Christopher’s Music Festival brought together over 400 young musicians who participated as soloists, ensemble players or choir members. Over three days, at both Isa Town and Saar, performances were adjudicated by members of the St Christopher’s staff. Nine schools across Bahrain were represented and the Festival culminated in a Grand Final on the afternoon of April 2. Two adjudicators, Sophie Grigg, from Dubai English Speaking College, and Michael Natzke, from Saudi Aramco Dhahran Hills School, came to adjudicate the St Christopher’s Music Festival Grand Final to add their expertise and experience to the event.

The standard of performance in the Final was extremely high, as well as diverse and entertaining. Thanks should go to all of the performers who took part this year, including the teachers and parents who continually encourage the musicians to gain as much from music as possible.

Below are the results from the Final, yet all of this year’s participants should be congratulated for making the Festival an amazing event.