Apr 102014
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BSME Music Festival: Kuwait 3-6 April

Thursday afternoon saw six excited young musicians and their three Trumpets, Cello, Viola and Saxophone boarding a plane bound for Kuwait and three days of intensive music-making with their peers from around the Gulf. Young musicians from twelve schools gathered at The English School, Kuwait and learned that the theme for the weekend would be The Muppets, and were thrown headfirst into a full Orchestra rehearsal of The Muppet Show Theme song. The students then broke into smaller groups, with the Brass players working on their own rendition of the theme from ‘Sesame Street’, the String Orchestra tackling the famous Kermit & Miss Piggy duet “Rainbow Connection” and the Saxophone Group choosing an Elvis number to showcase their talents. More rehearsals took us through the afternoon, and then it was time to practise for the Ceilidh. All participants had the choice of playing some traditional music, or attempting the dance steps, and it was all performed at the evening barbecue, which took place at the New English School of Kuwait. The evening finished with some dancing to retro music from the 90s. Saturday saw a full Orchestra rehearsal. After dress rehearsal for Sunday’s concert, the students ended the day with a visit to Entertainment City. On Sunday morning, the students performed to the parents, teachers and classmates of our new Kuwaiti friends. The Concert was a great success and featured, in addition to the full Orchestra and Brass, String and Saxophone Ensembles: two Choirs, a Rock Band, a Flute Choir, a Recorder Group, a Clarinet Ensemble and a Drumming Circle. After the Concert ended, we reluctantly said goodbye to our new friends. The weekend had been a musical extravaganza, full of many different activities and new experiences. Yet again, it goes to show that the musicians at St Chris are not just talented. They are sociable, responsible and caring young people.