May 152014
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The Green Machine Water Bottle Campaign

The Green Machine, composed of twelve environmentally conscious IB and A Level Students have finally launched their 2014 project, a student sized Arwa Water Bottle composed entirely of approximately 400 recycled water bottles and milk bottles collected from the School premises.  The idea was conceived in the early weeks of the first term as the group decided to embark on a ‘silent’ campaign. The aim? To raise awareness of plastic waste and the impact our local actions have on the health of the global environment. The Green Machine would like to encourage all members of the School and wider community to buy re-usable water bottles and re-fill them rather than purchase water bottles on a daily basis. The giant water bottle is currently on display in Reception but will later move to its permanent home in the Tuck Shop. Please take some time to read the label!

Ribbet collage-10