May 152014
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Hemangini Raina, Team Leader, reports: When we embarked on the TradeQuest programme in November, we were completely unaware of the challenges that lay ahead of us. The selection process was intensive, with eight candidates being selected out of forty.  TradeQuest is a virtual trading challenge, where seven schools in Bahrain compete against each other to create the most successful portfolio, with $ 4 million to invest, and deliver presentations to reputed Investment Bankers in the country.  As we started out with a limited understanding of the Stock Market, we were set for a very steep learning curve. From learning about the many complexities of technical analysis to the challenges of dealing with long Skype calls lamenting about the effect of tapering on the NYSE…suffice to say that we quickly came to terms with the expectations of the programme. Although we faced several trials at the onset of the programme, we soon began to work well as a team. We received Awards for ‘Best Presentation’ and ‘Lowest Volatility’ and finished as Runners- Up in this year’s competition. TradeQuest is a rare opportunity offered to Year 12 students and it is completely worth the many hours that we spent labouring over every trading decision!

Ribbet collage-10