May 152014
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Year 3-6 Swim Squad Trials

This term over 55 students from Years 3-6 completed swim trials to become a member of the School Swim Squad. The students were asked to complete a longer distance swim to assess their stamina. Then they participated in 50m timed races in three chosen strokes. Their technique and swimming potential was assessed.

Congratulations to the following Year 3-6 students who have been successful and are now members of the Dolphins: Bailey Kincaid 5E, Urvi Ashar 4F, Jasper Peck 4F, Emily Davies 4D, Mishal Kazi 3B, Malak Nakhla 3B and James Kenny 5A.

This term some students from Year 2 were also asked to attend the trials, well done to the following Year 2 students who have now been asked to be a member of the Baby Sharks team: Lauren Kenna 2D, Renee Hartshorne 2C, Sarah Stewart 2E, Erin More 2D, Alexander Mantzarinatos 2D, Jad Hinedi 2F and Mia Sum 2E.

We are also pleased to announce three new Senior School students who completed trials with the senior team: Diana Merinho 8E, Luke Wilson 8B and Alex Kehoe.

Well done to all the swimmers who took part. New swim trials will be September!