Oct 232014
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Visit to an Orphanage in Pakistan

Milan Malik, Year 13, recounts his visit to an Orphanage in Pakistan. “Every child should belong to a family, and SOS Children’s Village in Pakistan showed me that the meaning of family extends beyond just sharing a common ancestor. The children have the opportunity to form bonds, get an education and live in housing with the aim of creating a natural family.

SOS Village

From what I observed, SOS village has been successful in giving the kids a sense of belonging and creating ever-lasting family ties. With a generous donation from St Christopher’s School, I was able to provide over 50 shirts to orphans and underprivileged children. With this gesture they accepted me and made my visit there as welcoming as possible, whether it was giving me an extensive tour or telling jokes. My visit was brief but satisfying, and I hope to continue working with SOS Village in trying to support the youth in Pakistan.