Oct 232014
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Catch them while they’re Young

There is clear evidence that high quality sporting activities can help the growth of young children. Lessons have a powerful impact on children as they develop their motor skills and lay the foundations for a love of physical activity.

The SPARTA Early Years programme teaches the following concepts to children;

  • agility and movement,
  • hand eye co- ordination,
  • balance and physical motor skills,
  • independence,
  • social skills,
  • abiding by the rules


The provision for Early Years has greatly increased in the short time that SPARTA has been in operation. This has been due to the demand from parents responding positively to the high quality coaching on offer. Participation in a physical activity benefits the children, who not only develop their physical skills, but who also learn to take advice from coaches and participate in team work.

Gareth Holloway, SPARTA Director, states that: “We have recruited a team of excellent coaches who are all highly skilled in motivating and coaching young learners. All activities get filled up very quickly and we are constantly reviewing the programme to provide the best possible experience for the children.”

The comprehensive programme includes lessons in Swimming, Tennis, Athletics, Multisports, Gymnastics and Dance/Drama. “SPARTA provides high quality experiences and specialised coaching. We look forward to continue expanding our activities in the future and we encourage parents to check the website and look out for our termly brochure” added Gareth.

Visit www.sparta-bh.com for more details or come into school and see us.