Oct 232014
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Listen To Us

Thirteen Senior School students were recently involved in an exciting project called Voices Around The World. St Christopher’s School was chosen to assist in the set-up of this year’s international initiative, which is in its third year. Each year, the project releases a song that is learnt and recorded by schools and singers from all over the world. After all schools have submitted their recordings to the project, a final mix is created that brings all of the voices from around the world together into one recording.


The students were asked to record eight different parts for the song Listen To Us which was written by Laurie Lewin for the project. Each recording will be used as a teaching resource by schools from around the world to help other singers to learn the song. Students took part in a professional recording process organised and led by our Year 13 Music student Rayan Bannaei. A final mix of their recordings can be heard at http://www.voicesaround.com. The students were a real credit to the school and worked hard to learn the song within a very short space of time. Very well done to Crea Butlin, Jasmine Atkinson, Sheherazade Al Shahry, Raven Robinson, Lewis Duncan, Luke Wilson, Liela Al Sugair, Scarlet Robinson, Natalie Myatt, Nada Salman, Lulu Al Sugair, Gabby Liandu and Rayan Bannaei.