Mar 052015
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Unearthing the Past

10 years ago, St Christopher’s School was only a building site. No classrooms had been built or tiger turf laid. The Junior Student Councillors, along with Ed Goodwin and Wendy Bataineh buried a Time Capsule on the new site to be opened and shared with the children in 10 years’ time.

On 8 February, Ed Goodwin was joined by members of the Infant and Junior Schools Student Council in order to retrieve this Time Capsule that was buried at the front of the school foyer. It turned out to be buried a bit deeper than planned, but thanks to the help of the maintenance staff, we managed to retrieve it. Unfortunately, the capsule hadn’t stood the test of time, and all of its contents were wet! This caused a horrendous smell to permeate throughout the school. However, most of the contents were able to be restored. The contents of the Time Capsule included; A letter from Ed Goodwin to the future, school uniforms, a video tape of the school, a collection of children’s work and school memorabilia.

TC Retrieval

The Senior School children who were at St Christopher’s School at the time of the original burial joined Emma Hewitt and Tim Mannings in sharing the contents of the capsule to the Junior School children, along with sharing their memories of St Christopher’s Junior School. The overall message from them all being “don’t grow up too fast – enjoy your time here!”

TC Assembly

On 25 February, Ed Goodwin was once again joined by members of the Infant and Junior Schools Student Council to bury a new time capsule with instructions to dig it up again in another 10 years. Included in this new Time Capsule was not only the recovered articles from 2005, but current uniforms, work from current pupils, DVDs and USBs containing the school video and photos. The student councillors took the time to reflect upon where we will all be in 10 years… What new technology will they have? Only time will tell.

TCapsule Burial