Mar 052015
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Silver International Award Expedition to Cyprus

Photo 4The 2015 Silver International Award Expedition to Cyprus was one of the most mentally and physically challenging experiences faced yet by St Christopher’s students. Our expedition teams included over 80 students and 10 staff mentors who embarked on this extraordinary opportunity, trekking from Kritou Terra, through the Akamas Forest to Androlikou (goat village) before making their return journey to Kritou Terra. The 3-day adventure required our students to embrace around 20 hours of trekking, ascending to altitudes of an astonishing 500 metres. On the expedition, students completed the enormous 26km hike through the beautiful Akamas Forest in the mountains of Cyprus, being exposed to some of the worst weather some villages had ever seen. Some careful manoeuvring and footwork were needed when starting off due to the snow and hazardous conditions. There were rough tracks and steep rocky hills to climb, not to mention what Mother Nature threw at them! As expected, there were a few blisters but everybody made it safely back and contrary to what people might think, they returned with big smiles of satisfaction on their faces.


On a personal note, it was a great pleasure to lead my first St Christopher’s International Award Expedition. The students did exceptionally well, proved that they are capable of great things and should be extremely proud of themselves. A big thank you to all staff who were also involved with these expeditions and made it possible: Trip 1- Mr Stewart, Mr Sauze, Mr Scott, Mrs Scott, Mrs Quigley. Trip 2- Dr Goucem, Miss Pickering, Miss Thomas and Mr Jones. A special thank you also goes to the staff who helped along the way building up to the Expedition. ~ Mr Chichester