Mar 052015
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Energy Everywhere!

Nursery Sports Day 51

Infant Sports Days went off like a storm this year with Nursery leading the way. They danced, cycled, shopped and bounced their way around several activities, showing the Mums and Dads how well their coordination and physical skills are developing.


Reception arrived at their Sports Day full of colour and enthusiasm, dressed for success in their House T-shirts.

Reception Sports Day 113

They scored points at several of the activities and before heading to the next station, the House Captains let them know how well they had performed and helped celebrate with them with plenty of high fives!

Rec Sports

The following day saw Year 1 and 2 arrive at the most important date in their sporting calendar!

It was all to play for in their aim to win the all-important Inter-House Cup! Year 1 took the stage first. Both year groups scored as many goals as they could in the basketball and football activities, not to mention the ball throw and rugby throw and catch!

Y1 Sports Day 001

In the end Merlin in Year 1 and Kestrel in Year 2 took home the certificate for the most football goals; Kestrel in Year 1 and Merlin in Year 2 walked away with the title of highest scoring basketballers; Osprey in Year 1 and Falcon in Year 2 scored the most goals in their hockey challenge and Falcon in Year 1 and Osprey in Year 2 managed to get the most balls to stick in the ball throw.


The final results were:

Year 1 Year 2
4th – Falcon 4th –  Kestrel
3rd – Kestrel 3rd –  Osprey
2nd – Merlin 2nd –  Merlin
1st – Osprey 1st –  Falcon


Well done everyone! It was a fantastic way to end the half term!

Y2 Sports Day 008