Oct 212015
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“Hands On” UAE


On 15 October, the Geography Department took 16 A Level and IB students on a field trip to the United Arab Emirates. The trip was aimed at giving our students the opportunity to experience some “hands on” geography, something that is not always possible in Bahrain.  For three days, the students measured river beds, analysed settlement patterns and calculated beach profiles. Each location, just a short bus ride from each other, offered a different aspect of geography, and the students enjoyed exploring RAK City Beach and discovering how mangroves develop. They were also introduced to some very thought-provoking statistical techniques, and learned a variety of useful graphical skills. The students were also able to handle some local wildlife, and learned about snakes, hedgehogs and otters. On the final morning, we had a raft building team race, which resulted in some hilarious results. Overall, it was a really enjoyable experience, and one that will certainly benefit the students with their future studies.