Oct 212015
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Parents, Students and Staff Providing for Those in Need Again!

The Infant and Junior Schools held their annual Harvest and Zakat assemblies on Sunday 4 October. Both the Infant and Junior Halls were overflowing with generous donations of food. The harvest gifts went to the Mission for Seafarers, while the Zakat gifts went to those in need in Bahrain. Thank you to all who supported these worthy causes.

For the Harvest assembly we were lucky enough to have Reverend Butt and Father Stephen come to speak to us. Reverend Butt read the story of the Rich Farmer, interviewed Father Stephen about Mission for Seafarers and said prayers of thanks for all the wonderful gifts from God. Sam Catchpole then bravely volunteered for a blind taste test, which led the children to think about how fortunate they are to be able to make choices about what they eat.

Harvest 2015

The Arabic Department held their annual Hajj Assembly for all Muslim children. This was to explain to the students about the importance of Hajj and its benefits, the students watched movie about Zamzam water and how prophet Ibrahim built the Kaaba. Also, some students walked around the model Kaaba for the rest of the students to demonstrate going around seven times. At the end, the Arabic Department teachers introduced a competition for some facts about the Hajj and some students received awards.

Zakat 2015

Thank you to all our speakers and our families for the donations to help those in need.