Feb 032016
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Girl’s Football Friendly


The girl’s team entered into the football friendly against BSB on Wednesday 13 January knowing that we had beaten them in the last tournament and there was every possibility that we could do it again! After a short settling in period, the girls stepped up with determination and confidence and showed BSB that we weren’t going to make it easy for them! With Haya Al Nusuf and Yasmeen Al Arrayed saving some tricky shots at goal and Maryam Berri and Ferne Wilkins producing some great tackles in defense it became harder for BSB to get their shots in. Jude Eissa, Imogen Rushton, Rosie Lewis and Haleema Mohammed created as many opportunities as possible to get the ball forward helping Kyla Reekie, Talia Al Hamar and Leena Makhdum score some cracking goals. The final score was 8-3 to BSB and a good experience for us in our preparation for the upcoming BSME Football tournament. Well done, girls!

The Team: Jude Eissa, Yasmeen Al Arrayed, Talia Al Hamar, Haya Al-Nusuf, Maryam Berri, Imogen Rushton, Kyla Reekie, Rosie Lewis, Haleema Mohammed, Leena Makhdum and Ferne Wilkins.


Boys Football Friendly

Boys 1

Two teams of boys from the Football Squad got their first opportunity to represent St Chris in friendly matches against BSB on Wednesday 13 January. Both teams took some time to adjust to the physical and mental pace of a competitive match but began to get into their stride as the games went on. Christy Maye (twice), Faisal Kanoo and Ayaan Khan all deservedly got their names on the scoresheet, supported by the perseverance of Amin Da Cruz, Jack Yates, Konstantinos Konstantinopoulos, Cesar Vrijhof and Mishal Kazi.

Boys 2

Owen Tahboub grew into the goal, making some brave blocks but Player of the Day was Ben Dewhurst, who repeatedly threw himself across his goal to make some unbelievable saves. Despite both ending up on the losing side, each team learned some valuable lessons about the standard required for this level of football, and earned vital match experience which can only push them towards further progress in their footballing careers. Well played everyone!

The Teams: Ben Dewhurst, Cesar Vrijhof, Oscar Bicknell, Idrees Mian-Cudmore, Christy Maye, Ayaan Khan, Mishal Kazi, Ali Ajaj, Darion Ali, Owen Tahboub, Jacob Sum, Luc Garrett, Amin Da Cruz, Khalifa Al Khalifa, Jack Yates, Gianluca Mews, Konstantinos Konstantinopoulos and Faisal Kanoo.