Feb 032016
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Dressed up in their Finery


Wednesday 20 January was Year 1 Knights and Princesses Day, a day devoted to all things medieval. The children and teachers arrived at school dressed as knights, princesses, kings and queens, wizards and witches. We even spotted a knight riding a dragon. After parading through the school in their finery, everyone settled down to some medieval learning to work up an appetite for our medieval feast.


The feast was a majestic affair with tables piled high with breads, cheeses, meats, pies, fruit and juice and, in keeping with etiquette of the time, everyone used their hands to serve themselves and to eat. Teachers were rudely treated as serving maids and serfs – “Faster you scoundrels!” The children enjoyed the medieval food and one even remarked, “I don’t normally like this kind of food!”

Thank you to all our parents, who put so much effort into the costumes and the feast.