Feb 032016
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Brain Power

The qualifying round of the Mothercare General Knowledge Quiz Competition took place at The Asian School, Tubli on Wednesday 20 January 2016. St Christopher’s entered ten teams of two into the Competition. In the Quiz, students are seated in pairs and may confer when answering. There were thirty questions covering a wide range of topics including picture and music rounds.


The teams were:

St Chris 1 Shariq Meedin 8B St Chris 6 Dominic Rogers 8G
St Chris 1 Bader AlGhamdi 8B St Chris 6 Yousif Al Khateeb 8G
St Chris 2 Qays Mitchell 7A St Chris 7 Taimur Malik 8D
St Chris 2 Nael Al Jamri 7A St Chris 7 Kamilah El Kanfoudi 8D
St Chris 3 Aiden Jones 8E St Chris 8 Luke Bennett 8D
St Chris 3 Adam Musharrafiyyah 8E St Chris 8 Omar Ameen 8D
St Chris 4 Chaitanya Prakash 8H St Chris 9 Zahra Ahmed 8D
St Chris 4 Ryan Stephen 8A St Chris 9 Ayleen Aamir 8D
St Chris 5 Jordan Smit 8G St Chris 10 Ben Harrison-Mirfield 7G
St Chris 5 Hassan Hamade 8G St Chris 10 Akshat Gupta 7G

St Chris 4, comprising Chaitanya Prakash and Ryanm Stephen were delighted to qualify for the Grand Final, which took place on Friday evening 22 January in the Bahrain Keraleeya Samajam Diamond Jubilee Hall, Segayya and which attracted over a thousand enthusiastic spectators. The two St Chris students acquitted themselves admirably in the Final gaining a very creditable third place in the Competition. All the students who took part in the event, including Flag Bearer, Krishna Tilani 8A, are to be congratulated on their contribution to the success of this annual event.