Oct 262016
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Fierce Competition for a Team Spot

Football Team Trials – September 2016

Over 80 Year 5 and Year 6 boys took to the Tiger Turf on Sunday 18 and Monday 19 September to prove they had what it takes to make the Junior Football Team. The conditions were hot and sweaty leaving the trialists hotter and sweatier at the end of the session. Difficult as it was to select a small squad from such a large number of players, 35 players stood out immediately and were chosen for the Football Squad with training on Wednesdays. The remaining players move into Sunday’s Development Training where they will continue to receive coaching and support and hopefully, move up into the Football Squad. Well done to all the players involved.

A record-setting number of Year 5 and 6 girls came to try out for the Girls Football Team. Competition was fierce especially given the event’s status as the most recent inclusion in the upcoming BSME Games of 2017. Over fifty girls braved the humidity to display their skills for Ms Lambert and each one was selected to go on and participate in the joint Squad/Development sessions on Wednesdays. Well played to all the girls.


Basketball Trials 2016

As the format has changed this year for the BSME Games there were no girls to trial out, which was a real shame! However there were still a huge number of boys that took a chance and tried out for the school basketball team. Over 70 boys tried and we will be selecting about 30 for full Squad training and the rest will work with Mr Teague in the Development Squad. Well done to all the boys that tried at as we saw a great deal of potential on show. “It was a great opportunity to be part of the basketball team” said Cormac Mulleague – Year 6.

Netball trials

On Sunday 18 and Monday 19 September, over 50 girls from Years 5 and 6 battled it out on the netball court during the Junior School netball trials in order to gain a place on the St Christopher’s School Netball Team.

After a warm-up of passing, moving and intercepting, the girls were split into teams and their skills were seen in a games situation. They had the opportunity to show off their pivoting, shooting and knowledge of positioning and zoning.

Congratulations to all those who took part.

Junior school swim trials

On the week beginning 18 September, over 60 pupils from Years 3-6 attended swim trials to try to become a member of St Christopher’s swim team ‘The Sharks’.

All swimmers had to complete a long distance swim, to show stamina and endurance. This was followed by 50m of each stroke demonstrating good stroke technique.

Congratulations to the following swimmers who gained a place on the squad.

Baby Sharks Junior B
Danny Gosling 3B Lotta Tautenhahn 3D
Elysia North 3D Matteo Ghorayeb 3C
Alya Bazzouz 3D Kianna Haseid 3D
Javan Leamy 4C
Developing Dolphins Andre Brett 4D
Isla Dennell 4A Charlotte Harper 5E
Seifallah Amin 4D Ali Al Toubaji 6D
Nicole Carminati 4E Oliver Glin Conway 6A
William Brown 4F Ibrahim Foudeh 6B
Jenna Foudeh 4E
Nicole Waugh 4F
Celine Hajjar 5C
Junior A Junior B+
Nathan Busek 5B Aidan Marks 6F