Oct 262016
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On the Clock

Year 7 competed in the very first Year 7 Challenge Day on Monday 3 October. The challenge set was to produce three unique items by 1.45pm: a snack food, packaging material and advertising material. All items were themed by a country allocated at the start of the challenge and were displayed on a market stall ready for the judges inspection. By mid-afternoon the School Hall was transformed into a festival of colour and music as the students showcased their work.


Mr Wilson, Mr Williams and Mrs Gillard were the VIP judges for the day and it was Georgia who were voted this year’s winners with their snack food item of strawberries and cream carefully packaged in a red and white hand-made containers. It was a great day and the whole year group worked really well together to show how resilient and resourceful they could be under pressure. Head of Year 7, Mr O’Dowd said, ‘It was interesting to see the students taken out of their comfort zone. They didn’t know what to expect when they arrived into school this morning, they thought it was a normal day of lessons. To see the creative food and packaging they managed to produce in such a short space of time just shows how creative our students are!”