Oct 262016
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Well done … and the teams are …

On Thursday 8 September, over 40 students attended Senior Swim Squad trials to try to gain a place on St Christopher’s School’s Swim Team “The Sharks”. Each swimmer had to compete in a long distance swim to show stamina and endurance. This was followed by 50m on each stroke showing good stroke technique. Congratulations to the following Senior School swimmers who have gained a place on the School Swim Team.

Senior A Senior B
Mikail Khanzada 12F Adwita Choudhary 7B
Mahika Chatterjee 7B Paula Madrid 7F
Melissa Busek 8C
Senior B+ Eli Saghbini 9B
Balint Jaszberenyi 10D Mila Jankovic 7B
Bradley Altman 10F Pavle Ogryenovic 10E
Patricio Gutierrez 9F Pablo Bermudez Canete 7C
Hamza Mounir 9H Elisa Ferreira 7E
Clara Bermudez Canete 13A
Ines Bermudez Canete 11F