Feb 012017
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Sharks in the Pool

On Saturday 14 January, 114 members of our St Chris Sharks competed against each other in a Fun Team Gala. The swimmers were placed into three sub-teams called Tiger Sharks, Great White Sharks and Whale Sharks. Each team was organised by a Senior Team Captain who took control of the dry land stretching prior to the warm-up, made sure the swimmers were in the correct place and ready to swim and, most importantly, supported and encouraged their team members.

All swimmers were allowed to compete in three individual events, chosen by their swim coach. The climax of the morning were the Medley and Freestyle Relays, where teams were chosen by the Team Captains; these points were added to the final scores.

Tiger Sharks 627 points 1st
Great White Sharks 595 points 2nd
Whale Sharks 489 points 3rd
Great white sharks 888 points 1st
Whale Sharks 824 points 2nd
Tiger sharks 786 points 3rd
Overall combined scores
Great White sharks 1483 1st
Tiger Sharks 1413 2nd
Whale Sharks 1313 3rd


Thank you to all the parents who gave up their time to help time keep, these events would not run without your continued support.