Feb 012017
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Its a Pi-aayeee-rates life for Year 2 

Monday 9 Jan was the Year 2 Pirate Day. It was a whole day devoted to bad behaviour, a day filled with marauding, robbery, ransom, following clues to hidden treasure and bad table-manners. The day started with an opportunity to show off our piratical finery and to pose for portraits. It was then time to get busy and in true pirate fashion we either followed clues to a chest of gold doubloons or set about terrorising the rest of the school.

After a sumptuous feast of unhealthy food (much of which ended up beneath the tables) it was time to get serious and conduct some research, using our iPads, about famous Pirates, Edward Teach (AKA Blackbeard), Black Bart Roberts, Anne Bonny, Calico Jack, and Mary (Mark) Read. Everyone agreed that being a pirate is a tiring affair and we know that everyone (children and teachers) slept soundly dreaming of life on the high seas and tales of derring-do.